About Pecan Ridge Plantation

Living among pecan trees from the time they were born, Rob and Eric learned their pecan knowledge firsthand at a very young age.  Their dad, Robert, farmed pecans on the side and taught the boys all about the trade, how to work hard, and the value of a dollar.  They worked picking up limbs, shaking trees, and gathering the nuts on their family farm in Brinson, Georgia.  As the family pecan business grew, they purchased more advanced equipment and later installed a pecan cleaning plant on-site.  

Agriculture was in their blood.  Both Rob and Eric graduated from the University of Georgia with agricultural degrees.  Rob obtained his degree in plant protection and pest management and Eric obtained his in agricultural economics.  They continued to help their father in the family pecan orchard throughout their college careers and still do today.  

In the fall of 2000, Eric and Rob purchased their first pecan orchard together.  They have grown their pecan business to over 1,250 acres encompassing five counties stretching from Thomasville to Lake Seminole and as far south as Greenwood, Florida.  However, most of their pecan business is still done in Decatur County, Georgia.  

In recent years, Rob and Eric have broadened their involvement with pecans.  They started selling some of their pecan crops to international markets over the last few years.  Rob currently offers pecan consulting services and serves on the board for Southeastern Pecan Growers.  Eric has started a pecan truffle business, known as Truffles by Tate, in which his dog, Tate, finds pecan truffles for high-end restaurants or for those who simply love to experiment with cooking unique dishes.  He also offers truffle hunts for those who want to be involved in the process firsthand.  In 2014, Rob and Eric started their own pecan oil business and began producing the first pecan truffle oil on the market in 2016. 

Pecan Ridge Plantation pecan oil is available for purchase at numerous retail stores or can be purchased on this website by clicking on the "Order Online" tab under the menu button.

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